The Grey Flag of Glory

Image Credit — r/occult at reddit

by Sadia Arman

Now quite a few grey hairs mingled with the dark
Grow on my head still lush with Spring’ s bounteous past.
Late Summer comes at last;
And following her heel can be heard
Autumn’s heavy, rustling tread
Following dressily
In stout roan and mellow brown
With a sprinkle of white to own
That there shall be frost aplenty
In years to come.

How women have hid from the grey in dread
How scoured the market for the right shade
For the grey to cover and their years to hide
As if to hide the truth of and about their heads!

Greys are proof of years we have lived through and braved.
As trees grow large  with age-rings,
That multiplying make stout
the once slender trunk
More robust, and more strong
With roots deep down
into the Earth
Fortified against calamity of all kind.

Grey is proof to how far we have made it.
It bears the testimonial of our ripeness with credit.
Grey is a colour we have earned sisters,
In the harsh tests we could abide.
It is the true flag of pride
To celebrate that we didn’t give up the fight,
Drink toilet cleaner or jump from the roof,
That we are fighters and survivors, grey is proof.
Grey is the colour of our flag of glory
And to colour it dark is to say we are sorry
For our learning and our years:
That is only a statement of our subservience to men, my dears.

It states we are fit only for a certain consumption
Of the raw, provoking kind,
Namely to titillate men in their urges
Of a sexual orientation.

Women have done it through the ages
To gain favour from men,
Half- consciously perhaps;
For in the market there’s such pressure
That it forces us to tune up our behavior
To a great measure.

But sisters remember
That as nurturers and protectors we are grey;
That we can give happinesses
Of every sort and range
From the realm of greydom;
So learn with pride, sister, to say:

“I am going gray.”

26. 02. 2019

Sadia Arman is a poet by birth, an activist by choice and a lawyer by accident. She practices law in the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Sadia believes that the time has come for us to help manifest the divine feminine.

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