Pornography and democratic free/fair election

Anti Voting

“The porn films are not about sex. Sex is airbrushed and digitally washed out of the films. There is no acting because none of the women are permitted to have what amounts to a personality. The one emotion they are allowed to display is an unquenchable desire to satisfy men, especially if that desire involves the women’s physical and emotional degradation. The lightning in the films is harsh and clinical. Pubic hair is shaved off to give the women the look of young girls or rubber dolls. Porn, which advertises itself as sex, is a bizarre, bleached pantomime of sex. Pornography is about getting yourself off at someone else’s expense.”
Chris Hedges, Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle

What Chris Hedges talked about pornography is how I feel about electoral process of recruiting public representation in government.

But, today I will stop here. I want to be proved wrong. I want to believe in friends and comrades who are rallying for hope and change.

Meanwhile, you could try read this excerpt from Chris Hedges by replacing the word porn film with free and fair election and and sex with democracy. It would read, “The free and fair elections are not about democracy.” I live the rest to your imagination.

In solidarity, look forward to a new beginning..

[to be continued]

Saydia Gulrukh

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